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Aquatic Lifts | Domestic Lifts

Swimming is an experience that should be enjoyed by everyone, but many pools can be restrictive for those dealing with physical challenges. We want swimming to be accessible for everyone in a domestic setting, and we believe you will benefit from considering our selection of the best domestic aquatic lifts on the market.

Specially designed, these lifts can offer additional support for older swimmers, or to help children and adults with additional physical needs into and out of the pool. It can ensure that your child doesn’t have to be isolated from the swimming pool experience, minimising the discomfort of getting to and from the pool and giving them an opportunity to share in the fun of swimming with your supervision.

This lift is designed to offer utmost support for those with additional physical needs. They include battery consoles as well as a seat belt for the ultimate safety of the individual. Our domestic aquatic lifts can be fitted into the swimming pool permanently or temporarily. The portability allows you to use it in your home pool, but also take it with you to friend’s pools or on holiday. This means that those with the additional need can still have fun in any pool without having to be restricted to the one that has the domestic aquatic lifts fitted permanently.

Some lifts are also designed for older swimmers to help them into and out of the pool. Specially designed in different sizes and styles depending on the specific user, they are the ultimate solution to the inability to get in and out of the pool and swim around due to factors beyond our control.

Just like all the other swimming pool products we stock, we are confident in these domestic aquatic lifts and their materials, which ensure durability while at the same time offering ultimate comfort to the users. The stainless steel material in their design ensures reliability and long life.

The range of domestic aquatic lifts are a fantastic development in swimming technology and really can be life-changing to those who deserve the chance to swim with us.