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For any homeowner who has an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, finding the right pool cover is a key factor in protecting the pool from debris as well as preventing heat loss which will save on heating costs.

Most people have seen the options as either a low-cost static cover that is roughly the right dimensions being left on the pool and then collected back off the pool at the right time. A newer luxury option has been the automatic pool cover rollers that allow the user to extend and retract the covers onto and off of the pool whenever desired. This is a great function, but obviously comes at much higher cost.

Another option on the market is the Aquablade cover with adjustable straps. This allows you to fix your pool cover at the side of your pool, but it can also fit various pool sizes, and be tightened and loosened depending on whether or not you want your cover to sit on the surface of the water or slightly above it like a bubble cover.

It also ensures the pool cover is more tightly secured, not to be blown around in an outdoor setting, and it’s also much easy to collect back in than a standard pool cover, while being much cheaper than an automated cover roller.

The adjustable straps are durable and can deal with being tightened to a high tension, the cover comes in a classic blue which will fit with pretty much any pool setting. We can highly recommend the Aquablade System with adjustable straps as a great middle ground between basic pool covers and high-end automatic ones.

Feel free to look around our site at our other options to find the right purchase for you, or go ahead and get your Aquablade cover now.

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