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Swimming pool covers have two main uses; protecting the swimming pool water from dirt and debris, and helping it to retain its heat. These are both massively advantageous to a pool owner, particularly if the pool is outdoor and closed down for any extended period. A good quality pool cover will help save on energy bills by retaining water heat overnight, and help massively with cleaning cost by protecting against the majority of dirt or debris that can get into the pool.


Generally, there are two main types of swimming pool covers: solid pool covers and mesh pool covers. As the name suggests, the solid swimming pool cover provides a barrier across the pool’s surface that means very little debris can find its way into the pool. Solid covers are usually used for outdoor swimming pools, especially during winter periods. They help prevent the pool being spoilt by extreme winter conditions. The material used to make these solid covers is very durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is also highly resistant to UV rays.


The seams of the solid covers are reinforced and are very difficult to tear. The solid cover doesn’t rip or get damaged by harsh weather conditions such as storms or extreme heat. They are also affordable, fairly easy to install and can help prevent algae from developing; a vital purchase for any pool.


The other type of cover is the mesh swimming pool cover. This is a porous cover that allows rain and even melted snow to get into the swimming pool. However, the material used has been woven in such a way as to sieve out any larger debris such as leaves or rocks. They are made using polypropylene threads, which are very durable.


The threads are usually UV treated so that they don’t rot. The borders of these covers are also reinforced and there is also some double-stitching to make the cover resistant to tear and stronger. One advantage of this type of cover is that the melted snow and rainwater that seeps into the pool can prevent you from having to add additional water to the pool.


The host of advantages in terms of heat retention and keep the pool clean make a swimming pool cover and a must-have, particularly for outdoor pools. We have a host of options for different pool sizes and styles, feel free to browse and purchase.

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