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LED Lighting | LED Pool Lights

LED stands “for light emitting diode”. A diode is an electrical component that has two terminals but it will only conduct electricity to the light in one direction. LED pool lights are installed into your swimming pool to make it beautiful, offering a great ambience depending on the pool decor and/or mood of the swimmer. LED lights can be installed submerged so that the light rays are reflected on the pool canopy or night skyline. They can also be installed over the pool or at different angles so that the light rays are reflected and/or refracted on the pool water.

LED pool lights are energy saving and use 80% less electricity than the traditional incandescent bulbs. Since the LED lights emit rays of light in only one direction, they are brighter because it is easier to manipulate the intensity of light by using reflectors to focus the light to a desired point and at the same time reducing glare. The LED lights are used to uniformly distribute the intensity of light at the bottom of the pool and avoid hot spots, or areas that are more lit than others.

LED pool lights are available in different colours that include white, green, blue, red, magenta amongst others. Since the light can be rotated up to 180 degrees, the desired angle of light and colour can be manipulated to give your pool a certain mood, whether a romantic setting or a party feel.

The LED lights can also be used to create a colour show for swimmers in commercial swimming pools. During colour shows, the lights are manipulated to beam different colours at different times that create a spectacular array of lights in the night sky. This can be really effective for parties or splash sessions and look highly impressive.

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