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Fibre Optic Lighting & Cables

Fibre optic pool lights are used to illuminate your swimming pool and give a range of changeable colour tones to add to the beauty of your swimming experience. Fibre optic pool lights are designed so that both the lights and cables are protected by strong durable materials without being too heavy or difficult to fit.

The light from the fibre optic cables is able to be produced without emitting heat or UV, and there’s a range of customisable colour effects such as flashing or gradual shifts between colours that give more options than a standard set light. Despite the greater range of options, fibre optic lighting is more energy efficient than many other forms of lighting.

There are a number of other advantages to fibre optic lighting:

  • Safety: submerged lighting, used under the surface of swimming pools and spa pools, are able to be installed securely with fibre optic lighting. The fibre optic cables are non-conductive and can offer safe and reliable use. They run at a low voltage, and have no risk of any danger when being used in and around the pool water. Controlling of the lights can be managed by a panel away from the pool, all of which allows for high levels of safety.
  • Variable Light Levels: because the fibre optic cable and lighting are able to be fitted in the pool and then extended away from the pool to a control box, light levels can be increased or decreased to fit with different needs. 
  • Colour changes: as mentioned above, the fibre optic lighting offers a much greater range of colour options that previous lighting choices. There are all sorts of options you can employ, from classic white for a gentle swim through to flashing colours for a children’s party.
  • Easy Installation: fibre optic lighting is safe, reliable and easy to fit. It can be fitted in or around the pool area and isn’t intrusive to use of the pool.
  • Durability: the use of fibre optic cables and lighting materials makes for vastly more durable lighting, much more sturdy than other options.