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Colour Changing LED Lights

Colour changing LED lights are the new swimming pool lighting style, with the ability to change from one colour to another while being used underwater. Colour changing LED lights look very impressive when installed in swimming pools. The colour changing LED lights bring a visually exciting feel to the surrounding area as well as the pool itself.

The colours can be easily controlled to cycle through a wide range of choices. The pattern and choice of the colours depends on the user’s preferences. The colour changing LED lights is a mood changer and enhances your ability to relax, feel at home and welcome guests. It would allow you to have classic white lighting when using the pool yourself, but multi-coloured lighting for your children and their friends.

The colour changing LED lights are the latest technology using LED products. These lights change colour in a smooth and attractive way. The changing of colour can be adjusted and set to desired timers while changing from one colour to the other. The beauty of the colour changing LED lights can be seen clearly at night when the lights in the pool change through various colours. LEDs provide a brighter, more focused light whilst also having much lower energy usage.

The colour changing LED lights have a controller which facilitates the change of colours and can also be stopped to show a single colour if you wish. The colour changing LED lights will add a really attractive lighting feature to your pool setup without having to break the bank.

They’re an exciting purchase for any pool, obviously especially impressive if you use your pool regularly at night, but also useful for other factors. Feel free to browse our selection of items and find the right purchase for you.

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