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Pool Lighting

After the completion of the construction of a swimming pool, a pool owner installs the pool lights primarily for safety purposes. In addition, they also provide great benefits in terms of aesthetics and entertainment. Pool lights are either LED, incandescent or halogen. The LED lights are the most popular as they consume up to 80% less electricity than the other two types and they also have more than two full years of life span making them more economical. The LED lights are also brighter and cheaper to buy.


Swimming pool lights are made of stainless steel or plastic casing with the bulb implanted in the centre. The pool lights are available in different colours including white, blue, green, magenta, red or the new favourite option, bulbs that are colour-changing as they are programmed to rotate giving different colour patterns and rhythms. The lights can be installed either underwater, to float on the water surface or to be fixed somewhere on the swimming pool surroundings for aesthetic effect. Having beams of light radiating from the pool’s water gives the surrounding area a dazzling splash of colour and creates a magical ambience for your pool area.


When purchasing swimming pool lights either for a new pool feature or for the replacement of existing lighting systems, it’s important to check on the voltage . For most small domestic pools, a 12 volts option will suffice. Lights that come with 120 volts option are meant for larger commercial pools. Submerged swimming pool lights are not difficult to install as they are fitted above ground and then placed in the desired areas when they have been put in their watertight casing.


It is recommended to engage the services of a qualified professional to do the installation. A timer can be connected on the pool lighting system as this helps to reduce the electricity bill and lengthen the shelf life of the lights. Feel free to get in touch for further advice on purchasing the right lights for your pool.

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