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To keep a swimming pool clean, it’s in your best interests to install a liner pool skimmer. The skimmer is effectively a broom that will clean the pool, able to extract or suck out water from the surface of the pool and send it to the pump through filter. In so doing, the skimmer can trap floating debris, whether leaves, twigs, pool toys or other small objects. The skimmer does the important job of preventing debris from sinking to the bottom of the pool and getting into any pool system where it may cause a blockage.

A liner pool skimmer is a one-piece device that is fitted at the top of the pool, which also reduces the level of water lost from the pool. It is available in either a standard or a wide-mouthed model with a lockdown vacuum plate and twist locks that prevent it from floating across the pool unnecessarily. The lid of the liner pool is usually visible, and due to its perforations the liner can trap larger debris from getting into the pool.

Inside the mouth of the skimmer is the weir, which is a flap that prevents or filters any debris that has been sucked in from escaping and landing anywhere else apart from the basket. The skimmer also has a large basket that holds the collected debris. Liner pool skimmers ensure that the pool water circulates, passes through the filter in the pump and ultimately flows back to the pool. This action helps the pool’s pump life to last longer, as it spends less time dealing with anything that may clog it up. The skimmer is important as it helps to evenly circulate and distribute any added pool chemical, keep the pool’s water quality at an optimum level.

Due to the mechanics of the way the skimmer operates, it is important to have it installed by a professional so that it works in the intended way. Liner pool skimmers can be installed in swimming pools with walls made of concrete, fiberglass, polymer or several other materials. Two or more skimmers are usually installed in medium sized commercial pools, but they’re a highly effective purchase, particularly in outdoor settings because of the likelihood of various natural debris.

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