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Pool Gratings & Spas

During the construction of a swimming pool, a narrow and shallow channel is constructed round the edge of a concrete swimming pool. This channel is used to hold and trap any water spillage or overflow from the swimming pool. Pool gratings are the fittings used to cover these channels for two main purposes.

The first key feature is that it ensures the safety of the swimmer by preventing them from tripping and falling into gaps in any open channels, or on pools of water that have gathered on the pool decking. Secondly, they can also be used to enhance the swimming pools aesthetics and ambience, as they can be designed to complement the pool’s decor and surroundings.

Pool gratings are usually made from stainless steel or plastic based material. The stainless steel pool grating is durable and long lasting. The plastic based material is usually PVC or polymer, which are both malleable and easy to work with. The pool grating is made up of narrow strips or bars that are either joined to each other at the centre using a central locking system or at the edge of either side of the lengths.

The pool gratings can be manufactured in the form of individual tiles for stainless steel ones or lengths of grating that can be folded up. Plastic based pool grating is also available in both styles. Pool gratings are easy to install and come in many different colours and shapes giving you plenty of design options. Most swimming pool owners purchase custom-made pool grating depending on the shape and size of their pools.

Good quality pool gratings should be non-slip, resistant to harsh weather and chemical conditions. The gratings should be able to withstand those conditions without changing colour or fading. The pool gratings are easy to clean, it’s as simple as lifting the grating and giving a quick clean to the water channel.

A pool grating made of either stainless steel or plastic should also allow for the free flow of spillage and overflow water back into the pool. They are durable, inexpensive to maintain, able to be customized and an overall fantastic purchase.

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