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Liner Kits & Swimming Pool Parts

Swimming pool liners are essential for keeping your pool maintained as they help in the protection of both the pool floor and pool walls. Modern pool liners are primarily made from vinyl, although other synthetic materials are also used. Pool liners extend the pool life by preventing the growth of mould and also act as a barrier to other forms of structural damage.

Pool liners are installed when the pool itself is being installed but can also be installed or replaced later as per requirements. The liner is either fixed to the inner walls of the pool with the help of mechanical fittings secured along the circumference of the pool or they are held in place with the help of water resistant adhesive which binds the liners to the pool surfaces.

Vinyl liners are the ideal choice for almost all pool types. The rugged nature of vinyl and its ability to be molded exactly around the interior dimensions of a swimming pool make them a versatile favourite. The use of vinyl liners becomes all the more important for pool designs with ledges and/or steps. Any wrinkles or bubbles that might arise during installation of liners can be easily smoothed out. The vinyl is easy to move around because of its moldable and stretchable nature, but also fits tightly into place when fully secured.

Liner kits are available for all pool types and dimensions, and there is a wide assortment of liner kits to choose from depending on your particular pool requirements. One important aspect to be kept in mind while purchasing the suitable kits is to keep a check on the liner thickness depending on the needs of your pool. The liners come in varying thickness, ranging between 20-30 millimeters, and can be fit around pools of various shapes and dimensions. There are liners available as standard rectangular dimensions, but you can also choose custom liners for less regular pool shapes.

All in all, the durability, adaptability and the structural protection provided by the liner makes them a guaranteed purchase for any swimming pool owner.

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