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Drains & Drainage Grates

It’s important that for your swimming pool to be maintained correctly, you find the most effective drains and drainage grates for your pool. Whether it’s a smaller personal pool or larger commercial pool, each swimming pool needs a reliable and functional drainage system to maintain water quality.

Regardless of whether the swimming pool is being used all the time or not, it is very important to be constantly filtering and regulating its water. Trench drains are placed along the sides of swimming pools and these are covered with drainage grates to help effectively and safely drain the overflowing pool waters.

A good quality drain will deal with all the pool water that reaches it, preventing water from gathering outside your swimming pool and protecting the outer decking any surface near the pool from being flooded. A good drain with the right drainage gates will also maintain safety, especially for young children, as it absorbs waters that overflows from the swimming pool and keeps the sides of the pool less wet to prevent accidents such as slipping and falling.

There are key features to consider when choosing your drain and drainage grate:
– Temperature: since drainage grates are often metallic, they can absorb heat when exposed to sunlight or strong lighting. If this is a factor at your pool, make sure to purchase a grate that isn’t going to conduct that heat and cause a danger of burns.
– Size: the volume of the swimming pool is important as well, since larger swimming pools require drains that can tolerate greater volumes of water. A large drain may also have larger drainage grates to allow more water through, but be aware that if the grates are too large items could fall into them so keep a watch on this.

We have many fantastic drains and drainage grates available for purchase, allowing you to find the exact model that will meet your needs.

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