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Pool Fittings

We stock a wide range of high quality pool fittings that are designed to keep your pool clean, safe and attractive. Broken piping and rusted fittings are problems that any residential or commercial pool owner wants to avoid, so we have made sure to stock only the most respected brands on the market to offer you pool fittings that you can rely on. As well as being easy to install, their repair and maintenance is also relatively straightforward and cheap. The installation of many of the items in our range can be executed by individuals with even the most basic training in pool fittings.


They also require very low maintenance after installation due their excellent durability and quality of manufacture, allowing them to do their job of ensuring a safe perimeter to your pool for many years and making for a great long-term investment. There are many different options for different pool fittings, depending on whether you are operating an indoor or outdoor pool, whether it is residential or commercial, the size of the pool and the existing materials being used. We’d be happy to speak to you in more detail about finding exactly the right fittings for your swimming pool setup.


We have an excellent selection of pool fittings available, ranging from drains to ladders to grates, allowing you to find the perfect surface finish to complement and accessorize your pool. Each different model can help with the appearance, functionality and efficiency of your pool, so take a look through our range and find the ideal long-term investment for you.

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