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Quadrapool Flexible Pipes & Fitting Systems

The Quadrapool Flexible pipes and fittings are designed by Certikin for use in swimming pools. They use advanced technology that set them apart from competitors. The pipes are designed with square rigid helixes that reduce the effects of compression under high pressure. Quadrapool pipes and fitting systems are designed with an outstanding squared inflexible curl that provides about 50% stronger resistance to pressure compared to the rounded pipes designed by competitors.

Both the pipes and fittings resist the effects of chlorine up to about 10,000 ppm’s. With these characteristics, the Quadrapool Flexible pipes are unique products that can be used in swimming pools. They are also durable and cost effective compared to other products. The pipe categories are the 50 MM Quadraflex pipe and the 63 MM Quadraflex pipe, which are both sold in coils of fifty metres. The Quadrapool pipes also have specific fitting systems that are specifically designed for the pipes to achieve better results when used in swimming pools.

First, for both the 50 MM and 63 MM series, we have the 90 degrees elbow Compressions, 90 degrees Male BSP Compressions, and Male BSP Compressions. Similarly, we have socket adaptors that include the Socket female compression, and the female socket adaptor. The compression unions are double compression at a 90-degree elbow and a triple compression Tee Piece.

The system also comes with a universal fitting tool that helps to achieve perfect installation of the products without any damage. Also it should be noted that, the 50 MM fittings come in 1.5 inches while the 63 MM fitting come in 2.0 inches. The pipe coils for both the 50 MM and the 63 MM are sold in 50 metre coils only.

The Quadrapool pipes and fittings are not suitable to use when swimming pools are using automated cleaning systems, and they must be installed by someone with a knowledge of piping to ensure correct use, but they’re a fantastic advance in piping and would make a great purchase for any swimming pool.

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