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Pool PVC-U Pipe Fittings

For those who have spent time dealing with plumbing, you will understand the importance of reliable PVC pipes. This is particularly important in a swimming pool setup where any leakage can lead to it affecting the entire pool. The fittings are required to produce a watertight seal between two pipes. Without the right fittings, hooking up two plastic pipes is obviously not going to work.

PVC-U pipe fittings also permit you to make joints and elbows inside your piping. An elbowed fitting, for example, can permit you to turn your piping around at 90 degree angles. You may also join multiple pipes utilising a tee fitting.

When looking for PVC-U pipe fittings, you will notice the terms Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 used often. Comprehending the distinction between both of these can help you result in the right purchasing decision. These terms make reference to how thick the fittings are. With fixtures and fittings, both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 have a similar inner diameter, but since Schedule 80 piping includes a thicker wall, it’ll have a bigger outer diameter.

The main difference is necessary for the use of the pipes. Schedule 80 pipes and fixtures work nicely for higher volumes and temperatures of water flow, as the thickness provides great strength and heat can’t pass through as easily. Schedule 40 pipes work nicely for smaller flows and are a cheaper option. However, when you’re purchasing fixtures only, you will usually need to purchase fixtures for the exact piping that you have.

When looking for PVC-U pipe fittings, it’s helpful to know exactly what kind of fixtures you will need before beginning your purchase, so you don’t spend time or money purchasing fixtures you can’t use. If you already have your pipes, it should be easy to check them and work out which will work best, and if you’re buying a new set of piping along with your fittings, why not buy them both here today and make sure they’re the right combination?

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