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Spa Pumps | Blowers | Control Panels

Making sure that your spa water is crystal clear is a key factor in the feeling of luxury and comfort that a spa can provide, with a good quality spa pump an essential component in maintaining the quality of your spa’s water. The spa pump will work along with the filter in maintaining a clean and well-sanitised spa. The pump will circulate water and pass it through the filter system to collect debris and dirt particles and then pump the water back into the pool. Spa pumps are available in various types, sizes and power levels to suit different models of spa.
To ensure that you are getting the right pump, it is important to consider the type of spa that you have. We would be happy to speak to you about your individual requirements and help you to find exactly the right spa pump, blower and/or control panel for you. We stock a variety of specific types of spa pumps, blowers and control panels to cater to the many different types of spas on the market. When it comes to spas, their pumps offer many of the same features and benefits as swimming pool pumps, but are designed to provide extra thrust for massaging and bubble jets in most spas.
Spa pumps also come in various power and speed levels, and finding the right size pump for your spa can determine its efficiency of operation. If you have a large sized spa, then you will need to choose a spa pump with 3 horsepower or more to provide optimum performance. We’d be happy to speak to you in more detail about finding the ideal model of spa pump for your setting, as well as our range of blowers and control panels designed for spa use. Take a look through our range and you’ll see a variety of options to invest your spa’s long-term future.