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Commercial Air Blowers

We stock a range of commercial air blowers designed to offer a reliable and effective infusion of air throughout any spa or hot tub, providing the signature bubbles that make these items such a luxurious and enjoyable experience. When people think of hot tubs, they think of the presence of warm bubbles that set these items apart from a standard bath tub, so it’s important to find an air blower you trust to provide consistent and durable performance in a commercial setting.
The commercial air blowers in our range have only one moving part: a carefully balanced rotating impellor. There is no contact between the impellor and its housing, thus eliminating abrasion and wear. The units are completely oil free and the suction and discharge ports have built in silencers that reduce noise levels to a minimal level. This is an excellent feature as it allows users to enjoy a consistent level of bubbles without having noisy disruption at a time in which the user is looking to relax in the most peaceful of settings.
We stock only the most respected brands in the industry, so you can be sure that the commercial air blower you purchase will be of the highest quality and provide on-going high level performance to your spa. This is obviously a vital feature as you look to service your spa users with the best equipment to make their experience as luxurious and stress-free as possible.
The commercial air blowers in our range offer the ability to regulate the level and frequency of air output, which can help to provide energy efficient use which in turn will be more cost effective. Any of them could make an excellent addition to your spa setup and offer customers the best experience in their health and wellness regime.