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Certikin Heavy Commercial Spas

Certikin heavy commercial spas are the ideal high quality spa for use in a commercial setting. These spas are designed to provide the best service to their users, perfect for use in professional sports training centres, universities, recreational centres, hotels, medical facilities and athletic training clubs. They provide excellent durability and continued performance across long periods of time, making them a great investment.
Certikin heavy commercial spas have balance tanks with lids. The sizes of these tanks depend on the model. Electric heaters of 12kW to 15 kW are most often used for heating these spas. The spas have a beautiful appearance that further enhances the feeling of luxury and comfort they can provide to user. They all come complete with standard fitting in stainless steel or chrome. The heavy commercial spas from Certikin are fitted with LED lights which provide both aesthetic quality and energy efficiency. The spas are also insulated and have steel frames.
The spas have a floor drain and leg kits which are also standard fittings. Filters for these kinds of spas are 1050mm to 1200mm deep bed Certikin Alpine types. Filters have 1.5HP to 3.0HP filter pumps. The filter pumps have boosters. Certikin heavy commercial spas come in different sizes and shapes. The most common are round spas which have a diameter of 2.2 m to 3m, Octagon spas measuring 2m x 2m and 2.4m x 2.4m and Team and Corner spas measuring 2.7m x 2.7m.
The sizes for the spas are approximate, and we are happy to discuss details with you to determine which would be the best heavy commercial spa for your setting. Finding the right spa for continued high quality use is a vital move for many health facilities and we have expertise that can help you to find the perfect item for your environment.

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