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Hot Tubs & Spas

The presence of a hot tub or spa in your home offers an excellent opportunity to relax in the height of luxury and comfort. They both provide a series of advantages over a regular bath tubs, with their jet streamed water, bubbles and foam offering a level above in terms of both enjoyment and health benefits.


We stock a range of different hot tubs and spas from some of the most respected manufacturers in the world, with any one of our available models offering a fantastic option for a residential or commercial pool area. There are many different makes and models of spa and hot tub in our range, with each of them offering slightly differing styles, strengths and additional features. We’d be happy to speak to you in more detail about finding exactly the right model of hot tub or spa for your requirements.


Our selection of hot tubs and spas have been chosen because they offer great performance, durability, safety and value for money. There are basically two types of hot tub, the self-contained and the non self-contained. Self-contained hot tubs are also known as portable spas. With these models, the heating, filtration and electrical systems are connected to the spa or located in the spa’s cabinet. Self-contained spas offer the advantage of being able to be moved and reinstalled fairly easily.



Non self-contained spas are installed into the ground or other surface and are therefore fixed. These non self-contained spas are often within a pool and spa combination, with their heating, filtration and electrical systems located further away from the hot tub. Owning a spa or hot tub is something that many dream of doing but few have had the opportunity for. These days however, with many companies offering them at a much more affordable price, it’s a more realistic option to get that luxury and comfort in your own location. Take a look over our selection and you’ll find some excellent purchase options.

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