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Thermostats & Accessories

Pool water temperatures can vary significantly at different times of the day or periods of the year. It’s importantly to be able to regulate the temperature of your pool water with the right heating system, but they’ll also need to take their direction from a high quality thermostat.

Thermostats use a variety of different sensors that read temperature through the pool’s water and control the heating and cooling apparatus. Thermostats and accessories are a requirement if you are to maintain reliable water temperatures throughout the year.

Once set, they are self-regulating, preventing any overheating of the water as they maintain the desired temperature. This makes them a great tool for increasing energy efficiency as they ensure the other systems won’t waste energy heating or cooling beyond required levels. Thermostats may also be set to operate automatically, switching systems on and off once different set temperature points are reach.

This can also reduce the risk of damage to equipment from regular and frequent switching and also increase health and safety, especially in commercial pools. To meet all your style preferences, thermostats and their accessories come in a range of different colours and styles. The best thermostats are characterised by having easy-to-use setting, fairly small in size, simple to mount on a pool wall and offering consistent high performance.

Thermostats are a vital item for any pool heating system, but don’t need to cost a great deal. The range of products we’ve selected are reliable, efficient and durable, guaranteeing you well regulated temperatures throughout the year. We’d be happy to speak to you about any of our range, or you can look through our selection and make your purchase now.

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