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Plunge Pool Chillers | Pond Heaters

Plunge pools are designed to operate alongside your main swimming pool, and offer small body of lower temperature water. This obviously necessitates the employment of a cooling mechanism tasked with chilling the pool water to suitably ideal temperatures. Pool chillers are designed with the aim of providing the best and most affordable means of cooling pool water. Plunge pool chillers are the most effective way to cool the pool water to the users’ preferred temperature.

We stock a variety of plunge pool chillers that are specially designed and manufactured to perform the cooling action with unsurpassed efficiency. All the plunge pool chillers in our selection are made from high quality materials that ensure durability, high tensile strength and resistance to various factors that can cause rusting and corrosion. All of these features combine to ensure a long operating life at peak performance.

There are a range of sizes and types of chiller, giving lots of options to satisfy the specifications of the customer. The compact and efficient designs minimise the need for constant maintenance, making them very economical in the long run. Each plunge pool chiller can operate for impressively long periods at a time. They’re also relatively easy to set up as they require very few accessories to mount and their repairs are easily executed by any trained professional.

Our pool chillers come in a conveniently wide variety of models, sizes and performance specifications to take care of all your cooling needs. Our catalogue of pool chillers can sufficiently handle all sizes of plunge pools, from the smallest domestic plunge pool, through to larger ones at resorts and recreational facilities. The chillers we stock are designed to conform to international safety standards and maintain superior structural stability and aesthetics.

Factors such as the availability of compressors, evaporators and coolants should be considered when purchasing pool chillers. Our attendants are dedicated to helping you make a purchase perfectly tailored to your pool cooling needs. Give us a visit and enjoy the refreshingly chill sensation of your plunge pool all year long.

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