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Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps use energy to generate heat and circulate it throughout your pool water. Our range of heat pumps have been selected as they’re the most efficient and durable heaters on the market. They use minimal energy since they are designed to draw heat from the air. In the simplest terms, the heat pump works by getting heat from the air, compressing it, and transferring it to the water. Due to their efficiency, the operating costs should be relatively low.


Basic types of pool heating systems:


– Gas heating: A vast number of pools use gas heating pumps because of their ability to heat water rapidly, as well as their robustness. Gas heaters can easily maintain a desired temperature, with sizing determined by the heater’s ability to ensure a water temperature rise of 10-15 degrees in 24 hours. A gas heater is more consistent than a solar one since it can work at the same level in all light levels.


– Solar pool heating: This is an increasingly popular form of heating since it obviously uses free energy from heat and light of the sun. Solar heating pumps work by directly transferring heat to the water. The pool water circulation is from a collector usually located on a roof. A digital controller is used to regulate the water the solar energy is sufficient. Solar heating offers the lowest operational costs.


– Electric elements: Electric element heaters are cheap to buy and easy to install. They work by immersing the element into the pool water just like an electric kettle. Their small size gives them an advantage where space is limited.


– Electric heat pumps: These pumps have a high capability to draw heat value from the air and use it to heat the pool water. These pumps are effective for those who want to swim throughout the year. The system also makes for a very low energy consumption rate.


The best way to determine the most appropriate heating system for you is to factor in your pool size, budget, performance desires and pool location. We have a range of different types of heaters ready for you to make the right purchase.

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