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Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heaters can often be an excellent addition to your swimming pool equipment, enabling you to maintain the ideal water temperature for colder seasons, evening and morning swims in both indoor and outdoor pools.

Our range of gas pool heaters are available in different models and makes, some using liquid propane and others running with natural gas. The ignition styles can also vary from one model to another. The best heaters need to be affordable, energy efficient, have superior quality components and include durable materials. Such models can comfortably meet the heating needs of many pool owners.

Appropriate gas pool heaters are energy efficient and employ state-of-the-art technology to maintain the ideal pool water temperature. Buyers need to determine the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units) the pool heater will need to warm the water in the swimming pool to the required levels. Pool heaters with high BTUs can help users to save the overall running cost because they assist in heating the pool water much faster. It is crucial to select reliable brands that have already been tested for energy efficiency, and we only stock the best.

Gas pool heater efficiency can only be optimised through correct installation and maintenance. Pool owners are usually advised to hire the services of a professional to install the pool heaters and perform other sophisticated repair or maintenance tasks. It’s fundamental to maintain the pool heater at least once a year. These pool heaters can last a long time with the correct installation and maintenance.

Purchasers should look for pool heaters that have been proved to have a high-efficiency percentage (85 to 95 percent). Reputed pool heater suppliers always provide the efficiency percentage of their products. Heater efficiency refers to the ratio of usable output to input energy. It’s important to carry out an appropriate sizing evaluation for your swimming pool facilities to ascertain the right heater size.

Gas pool heaters are sized according to various factors. In most cases, a pool heater can be sized according to the difference between the average air temperature and pool temperature, as well as the surface area of the swimming pool. Additional factors that may affect the heating load for outdoor pools include lower night temperatures and wind exposure.

Benefits of Using Gas Pool Heaters:

  • Can maintain any required temperatures regardless of the climate or weather.
  • A perfect choice for swimming pools that not utilised on a daily basis.
  • Ideal for heating the pool water quickly.
  • Most efficient model for heating a pool for a short duration.

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