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Electric Water Heaters

Electric pool heaters are more sophisticated than gas powered heaters, offering great savings. They are sophisticated, but not overly complex, working in a similar fashion to an air conditioning unit or refrigerator, but in reverse. They suck heat from one medium and pump it into another.

These electric water heaters are able to utilize the air that surrounds them, using compression to extract heat and put it into the water that is circulating into your pool. This means that you are not doing all the work of generating the heat, simply moving it from one place to the other, which is much cheaper. This type of pool heater is more expensive than a gas heater, which is why many people consider them to be too expensive.

But looking at the full picture, while gas heaters are cheaper to purchase and install, they cost more to run, so it’s worth analysing both options to find the best for you. Electric heat pumps are designed to be an energy efficient option. Because they are utilising free energy that is available in environments, they are significantly cheaper to run, around half the annual cost of a propane heater.

For these reasons, you should find that an electric pool heater will pay for itself within three years, maybe less depending on your own area and climate. After this point, you’re making savings all the way. Under cold conditions, however, electric water heaters do not perform anywhere near as well as propane heaters do. They focus on making use of the heat that already exists in the air, and when the air is cold, it doesn’t have enough heat to warm your pool up to a nice comfortable temperature.

When this happens, the heat from the heat pump is still valuable and prevents water from being too cold, but it could still be below optimum swimming temperature. This leaves you with two different options. One is to install a very powerful heat pump capable of generating hot water all year round, the other is to use a secondary heater such as a gas powered heater, but only operate it when the heat from the electric pool heater is not enough. This way, your heating bills will still be low compared to using a gas heater on its own.

Either way, it’s well worth considering the purchase of an electric pool heater as a technologically advanced and often more cost-effective option.

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