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An indoor pool is likely to produce increased humidity in whatever room it is located. Indoor humidity may result in serious issues such as wood rot, paint blistering, rust, corrosion, mildew, and mould. Humid air can also make swimmers experience discomfort and subject them to potential health hazards, as moist air encourages the growth of fungi and bacteria.

With all of that in mind, it’s vital that pool owners have efficient air dehumidifiers to prevent such problems. Effective air filters save you a lot of money and time in the long run. Some air filters use modern heat transfer techniques to greatly boost overall performance. You often don’t need to buy a hugely expensive unit to solve your indoor humidity problems, particularly for domestic use.

Finding the right air filters will result in reduce overall maintenance costs, with most air dehumidifiers being fairly easy to install. It is crucial to size your air filter appropriately to your room volume and size. A small unit needs minimal electrical load and is likely to be inexpensive. Avoid purchasing units that are larger than necessary for your space

Some air filters remove more water per KW hour of electricity than other units. A good benchmark is the amount of water that a given unit can remove at a sixty-degree relative humidity and standard room temperature.

It is recommended to choose a unit that features heat transfer technology. This allows your air filter to process and recover most of the latent heat from any condensed moisture and utilise it in heating your pool water. Avoid using an oversized pump, which may not boost the efficiency of your circulation. It will just cost you more. We can advise you on the best size you should use for the circulation pump and the two items should work in tandem to provide the ideal environment both inside and outside the pool.

Monitor your pool temperature keenly because every additional degree can increase your monthly electric bill significantly. If the pool is not being used, lower the temperature of your indoor pool area and the level of your dehumidifier. Purchase air filters that incorporate humidity control adjustment options. Such units assure you of optimal performance.

We stock a selection of quality dehumidifier units and we are always ready to speak to you about our range of products.

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