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Heating & Ventilation

Your swimming pool can provide a perfect refuge to take stress out of your body and relax. Whether you’re tired from work or frustrated by other factors, a swim can provide rejuvenation, relaxing tired muscles and loosening them up. It can also help you refocus your mind, as well as being part of a physical exercise routine.


With the advancement of technology, swimming pool heaters and ventilation have been added to many pools to maximise the use of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. This is especially important during colder months or nighttime swimming. Pool heaters are designed to set the water’s temperature at a very comfortable degree. If the water is too cold, during the night or because of cold weather, it’s difficult to enjoy. With a pool heater, users can enjoy their swimming pool at any time. With its benefits, a lot of pool owners invest in a pool heater to maximise the comfort of their swimming pool.


With several swimming pool heaters available in the market today, choosing the right pool heater can be a challenging task. Buying one should depend on your needs, budget and the existing design of your pool. There are three basic types of pool heaters; gas, electric and solar powered. Each has its pros and cons, but having a working knowledge of each type gives the prospective buyer good insight that is helpful to reach an informed decision.


The first type of heater is gas-fired. These heaters utilise natural gas or propane. They cost more to operate in terms of energy bills, but are designed to maintain a desired temperature regardless of the weather or climate. These heaters are efficient when heating pools for shorts periods of time and also ideal for quickly heating pools. This makes gas pool heaters a good choice for pools that are not used on a constant basis.


Another type is the electric swimming pool heater. This utilises the electric power to warm the pool and transfer heat to the water, but usually offers lower operating costs than gas heaters.

Lastly, the solar powered heaters. These are the most economical source of energy since the sun provides heat for free. However, it is often the most expensive type of heaters to purchase because of the initial installation cost. Ideally, the solar collection area should be roughly equal to the pool’s surface area.

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