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Vision Side Mount Filter

Vision side mount filters come complete with a Vision filter, tank, multiport valve and pressure gauge. We stock a range of sizes for the Vision side mount filter, each of them coming complete with an appropriate level of sand required for the continued running of the filter. The 20” model comes with 90kg of sand, the 24” model includes 140kg of sand, the 30” version with 210kg of sand and the 36” filter has 36okg of sand accompanying it.
The Vision side mount filter comes with a 10″ diameter lid on both the top and the side of the model, making routine maintenance for the tank a simple task. The hydraulically balanced lateral system helps to promote maximum outflow during filtration and backwash cycles, all of which combines to make it an efficient and highly effective filter for providing clean pool water.
There are other key features in addition to the easy-access 10″ lid, features which include a bobbin that uses the latest in fibreglass winding technology to ensure a durable tank and a multiport valve that comes with 1.5″ and 50mm quick connection unions. The Vision filter also features a clear mounting ring that allows a clear view for filtration and backwashing cycles and utilises an internal air bleed that automatically expels excess air in the tank.
Vision side mount filters definitely make for one of the best choices for a pool filter on the market. They’re effective for cleaning pools, making routine pool maintenance an easy task. We’d be happy to speak to you about exactly which size of filter would be the ideal fit for your residential or commercial pool, but we’re confident that any Vision filter would be an excellent investment for the long-term maintenance of your pool and its water.

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