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Triton Side Mount Filters

In the world of sand filters, Triton side mount filters are recognised for their quality, durability, and long-term value. While they may involve a significant outlay when purchased, that initial cost is offset by the lower ongoing maintenance costs for the period you are using the filter. Each of the Pentair Triton side mount filters feature a fibreglass outer casing specially coated to protect the filters from UV rays. This superior model design centres on a single-piece tank unit and incorporates the standard sand filter nozzles and valves for connections to be attached.
On the top of the tank unit is the pressure gauge, which reads up to a maximum of 50psi. It is when this pressure gauge displays a reading of between 8 and 10psi that you should look to initiate the backwashing process. The backwash setting is one of six processes offered, with the other standard processes being rinse, recalculation, winterize, close and of course filter.
The internal pipe work of the Triton side mount filters is threaded, which means that the connections can offer a more stable plumbing network, which in turn creates a more stable system allowing for easier replacement and maintenance of parts. The filter and draining processes are carried out to optimum levels thanks to the sand beds located inside the tank. The filter media is designed to remain on a flat basis which aids the filter process of the pool water through the sand layers.
It is this standard which keeps your swimming pool clean for longer periods with less hassle and monitoring required. The Triton filters come highly recommended by us as one of the most effective on the market. We’d be happy to speak to you about specific details in relation to your pool, but take a look through our range and we’re sure you’ll find some excellent options.

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