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TLX Commercial Mild Steel Filters

Any commercial pool owner looking for a swimming pool filter they can rely on should consider the TLX commercial mild steel filters. The product has proven that it can withstand intense and continued use while performing at the level required to keep the pool clean and well maintained. The TLX filters are recognized by many customers for their durability, with one clear strength being their ability to resist corrosion. The fact that this filter is flexible makes it easy to fit into the pool beds at varying depths.
The TLX commercial mild steel filters are commonly used for commercial swimming pool filtration both indoor and outdoor. The many different facilities that rely on the TLX commercial filters show just how reliable the product has become. This brand has many years of experience in the industrial water treatment sector, bringing an expertise in the strength and durability of filters that they can apply to swimming pool maintenance.
In addition, the TLX commercial mild steel filters are manufactured to conform to international standards. This makes the TLX highly respected by swimming pool settings that need a corrosion free filter, including salt water pools. Since each pool has different dimensions, it is advantageous that the TLX commercial mild steel filters are flexible to fit into different pools.
A wide range of commercial swimming facilities use TLX commercial mild steel filters and have given them great reviews as to their durability, resistance to corrosion, and the fact they have shown consistent performance levels when in use. This is one of the most highly used filters in the industry, because the consumer knows that once installed, they won’t have to worry about a break down or replacement, even in a highly strenuous area. Take a look through our range of filters, and we’d be happy to speak to you and help you find the ideal filter for your pool.