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Tagelus Top Mount Filters

Any swimming pool, whether indoor or outdoor, small or large, needs efficient filters which are able to remove dirt, debris and any other contaminates from the pool water. Failure to remove dirt and other foreign materials such as leaves can result in cloudy water which is unappealing both aesthetically and from a health perspective. Bacteria found in water can also sickness and even certain communicable diseases.
Not all filters will filter your swimming pool to the required standards; some basic ones will be inefficient in filtering out dirt in and bacteria. Tagelus top mount filters, however, are one of the leading choices available, with their highly efficient and robust design making them suitable for small and large pools alike. The filters have been built to withstand outdoor conditions, so that whether it is summer or winter, the performance remains at the same level. Tagelus top mount filters are made of fibreglass and have a multiport clamp-style valve. The valves are located in six positions on top of the pump.
They feature a special lateral design that is able to provide superior flow characteristic and a longer filter cycle. Their maximum operating pressure is 50psi, and they are available in various sizes and hourly filtering capacity. The latest Tagelus top mount filters are equipped with ClearPro technology. This allows them to remove particles as small as 15 microns, which is five times smaller than many ordinary filters and offers a superior water cleanliness quality for your pool water. Fibre glass is strong and lasts longer, able to outlive even its steel counterpart. Fibre glass, being a non-metal, is also less prone to corrosion, so the outer casing will remain in its original pristine condition despite being immersed in water.
The filter’s long filter cycles and good flow characteristic are both more efficient and economical, making water filtering cheaper. You do not have to filter numerous times, with winterising and servicing easy to perform due to a combination of water and sand. Numerous valves enable the connection of several pipes, meaning the time required to clean the water is greatly reduced. The filter can operate at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and with a maximum water pressure of 50psi.

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