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SLX PLUS Commercial Filters

SLX PLUS commercial filters are an extension of the SLX range, built for the largest commercial swimming pools and able to meet vast water filtration needs. They are of course priced accordingly, but the SLX Plus range offers some of the most durable and cost-effective large commercial swimming pool filters on the market.
All SLX filters are manufactured with wound bobbin fibreglass, polyester resins, with water distribution and collection components comprised of PVC/polypropylene. The main components of the SLX Plus filters are their tank, connectors, service and media sight hatches and nozzle plates. The service and media sight hatches are only available with the SLX Plus units.
If your design requires the presence of under drain systems, then the 50mm laterals, nozzles and plates can adapt to suit the need. To monitor the performance of the filter, gauges are installed on all units. Their filtration capacity and tolerances become vitally important, with the size and volume of the pool dictating exactly what will be needed. The SLX Plus commercial filters are built to withstand water temperatures approaching 50 degrees centigrade. The differential pressure gauges and dual-effect proficient air vents supplied with all the filters are of the highest quality and built to withstand continued use.
In addition, a convenient drain hole is installed for when scheduled maintenance and inspections are required. Given their size and the capacity of filtration required, these filters feature the highest safety standards, with 1.5 BSP valve fittings installed for immediate air relief. All filters are tested up to 2.5 BAR to 3.75 BAR pressure. If higher pressures are likely to be encountered, then a 4.0 BAR – 6.0 BAR test is available.
When determining what you will need, you will need to take into account the bed depths of your pool setup. We’d be happy to speak to you about your requirements and help you to work out which SLX Plus commercial filter would be most effective for your pool requirements.