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Multicyclone Prefilters

Multicyclone prefilters can provide a fantastic increase to the performance of your pool filters. These brilliant water-saving devices are placed inline with your pool motor and in front of your pool filter, increasing their performance and helping to keep your costly filter cartridges from getting gummed up too quickly. They improve pool water circulation and enhance the performance of your automatic pool cleaner and the in-floor cleaning system, allowing for effective vacuuming of your pool without placing undue stress on the pool filter.
Water travels up through a pipe in the middle of the multicyclone prefilter and rotates inside as the powerful centrifugal force removes debris. The particles are spun out of suspension and fall downward into a bottom sediment bowl chamber where they stay until discharged through a valve. The cleaned water, now free from debris, is allowed to flow to the pump and then into the pool. The big selling point of this excellent accessory is that the multicyclone prefilter removes around 80% of the pool’s dirt load before it gets to the pool filter.
In addition to preventing you from having to constantly buy fresh filter cartridges, the durable multicyclone prefilters minimises the backwash frequency of existing filters to once per year, which results in major savings of nearly 7,000 litres annually for an average sized pool. Filter cartridge cleaning and replacement is reduced to once per swimming season, even up to once a year. There are no moving parts that can wear out and they don’t contain filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. They do not run on electricity and they quickly and easily remove particles between 20 – 100 microns, requiring a mere 15 litres of water.
The units are suitable for both new and existing installations and feature a UV and corrosion proof upper housing, making it one of the most effective and durable performers in pool cleaning. Take a look at our range of multicyclone prefilter options, any of which could take your pool cleaning system to new heights of effectiveness.