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Lacron Top Mount Filters

The pumping and filtration of pool water are the key actions needed to maintain a clean and healthy environment to keep your pool looking and functioning at its best. Our range of Lacron top mount filters are ideally suited to provide a cost-effective and durable option for purifying your pool water. Its outstanding filter assembly removes even the smallest particles which older sand filters aren’t designed to catch.
The pump and filter work as a team, with your filter needing to match and support the pump flow. When you combine a Lacron top mount filter with an efficient and durable pump, you can achieve the ideal circulation and filtration system designed to deliver consistent performance, durability and value. Lacron filters are made of durable corrosion-proof materials and provide reliable performance in all weather conditions for both indoor and outdoor pools.
Our range of Lacron filters come in different size and colour options, and we’d be happy to speak to you about finding exactly the right model for your pool. Lacron are a respected brand who is considered one of the most enduring manufacturers of filters on the market, with their filters known for both their quality and value. These filters use a system of self-cleaning and also feature a precision-folding side for efficient water flow and the even distribution of water for a totally balanced backwashing operation and lasting performance.
Another benefit of Lacron top mount filters is that they have are been designed to offer protection and durability for winter use and also offer easy maintenance in domestic installations. The filters are available with valve control, allowing you to tune the pool according to seasonal weather and to monitor that the filters are in good working condition, offering you an investment that will ensure the quality of your pool water for many years.

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