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Lacron Side Mount Filters

We stock a range of Lacron side mount filters, an ideal filter for residential swimming pool facilities, whether indoor or outdoor. The primary tank structure is made from hard wearing GRP (glass-reinforced polyester). The sturdy GRP material assures you of sustained durability over a long period of use. A high-gloss smooth external and internal finish ensures easy cleaning and free flow. Your technician can quickly service the interior of your filter without disturbing connecting pipe framework.
The huge clear lid access (with a diameter of 230mm) and the side mounted multi-port valve design make servicing easy. These side mount filters come with a transparent cover enabling a clear view of the internal workings, particularly helpful when monitoring the backwashing of your filter. Together with the connection pipe-work and the low-head loss under-drain structures, sand side mount filters are some of the most cost-efficient on the market today.
Before adding the filter media, always fill the filter with water to reduce the impact of the material as it hits the fragile laterals at the bottom of your filter. It should only just cover the laterals, as overfilling your filter reduces the efficiency of your filter by lowering the area and depth of filtration available. This range of expertly-designed side mount filters come with many benefits, including a quick access winter drain pipe, secure service connections and easy installation.
The filters are also highly energy-efficient with their distribution pipe framework, as well as being non-corrosive, hi-gloss, with an FRP base and tank components. The filters are manufactured from fine grade materials and tested at a pressure of 4.0 bars (60psi). Lacron is a respected UK manufacturer who provide superior quality products at highly competitive prices. These unique filters ensure pool users enjoy sparkling clean water in residential or commercial pool installations. Lacron filters provide a highly practical option for ensuring excellent water quality for a long period.
The filters come as a full package incorporating a gauge, multiport valve, face fittings, and complete with a tank. In conclusion, Lacron side mount filters are professionally designed to suit all commercial and domestic swimming pool installations. We stock a range of different sizes and would be happy to speak to you in more detail about helping you find exactly the right deal for your pool.

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