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Lacron LCX Commmercial Sand Filter

We stock a range of Lacron LCX commercial sand filters that are designed for highly effective and durable use within commercial installations including water parks, public pools and diving pools. The body of the tank is made from hard wearing glass that uses reinforced polyester to provide a level of robust protection. The external and internal finishes are made with a smooth high-quality gloss that makes it easy to clean and ensures a free flow.
The inside of a Lacron LCX commercial sand filter features pipe work and other component parts that are upgraded to the highest commercial standards to ensure durability and reduce the need for service or maintenance even with regular and continued use. In addition, the LCX commercially-made sand filters are well tested up to 4.0 bar and they have been designed in a way that they can operate at pressures of 2.5 Bar.
The Lacron LCX commercial sand filter is manufactured from polyester that is laminated, making it visually impressive as well as robust. We stock a range of different sizes equipped to deal with pools of different volumes, and would be happy to speak to you in more detail about finding exactly the right size for your pool setup. The filters each have a 1.2 metre bed depth, with a deeper bed making for more effective filtration and greater capacity of filtration.
Additional features of the Lacron LCX commercial sand filter range include a sight-glass, manual and automatic air vents and a lateral under-drain system. Furthermore, the filter’s hatch has twin-locking bars that have been fitted to give a watertight vacuum seal. Overall, the filter has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a range of different users and their commercial pool or spa setups.