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Lacron Finaflow Filters

Lacron Finaflow filters are suitable for swimming pools and spas that are used for commercial purposes. One reason for this is that the filters are recommended for use in pools that have a higher bathing load and warmer water. The filters perform well under demanding situations and come with a host of excellent design features. These features include a resistance to both corrosion and UV, a manual air vent, a water drain and a media service hatch used for the quick and easy replacement or removal of filter media.
Our range of Lacron Finaflow filters are equipped with a clear inspection lid to easily see inside the filter to monitor the current state of the internal parts. They also come with an inflow diffuser used to distribute flow equally across the filter bed, made from hard wearing glass reinforced with polyester, as well as hydraulically balanced laterals that maximize the flow of the pool water.
The Finaflow filters can be installed as either a single unit or multiple units depending on the requirements of the expected filter surface area. Additionally, the pipe connection can use either a 6-way multiport valve or manifold face pipe valves. The installation process adopts the latest technology that guarantees effective and efficient performance. The components of the filters are made of smooth high-quality glass to facilitate easy cleaning and free flow of water, with each part designed to meet the highest commercial standard and provide minimal servicing and long life.
The filter’s deep media bed retains finer dirt particles at a much greater level than filters with shallower bed depth. Lacron Finaflow filters’ deep media beds also enhance the filtration process significantly by increasing dirt capacity and in-depth filtration. These filters are made to function at a maximum pressure of 2.5 Bar and to guarantee adequate pressure for efficient filtration. The range of Lacron Finaflow filters we stock come in a range of different sizes and we would be happy to speak to you in more detail about finding the ideal model for your commercial pool or spa.