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Hydroswim Top Mount Filters

As part of your regular swimming pool maintenance, a key task is ensuring that your pool water is consistently clear and sparkling. Having the right pool filtration system will have a major effect with regards to the amount of time you will need to spend on cleaning your pool, as well as affecting the visual quality of your water and its overall safety. In short, you need to ensure that you get the right filtration for your pool to deal with any dirt, debris and bacteria in the water.
With this in mind, we stock a range of Hydroswim top mount filters that are used by residential and commercial pool owners around the world who need to achieve excellent mechanical and chemical filtration of their pool water. One advantage of this Hydroswim filter is that the main body is considerably bigger than most other filters; the extensive body permitting the filter to hold an additional capacity to filter more pool water. The filter is developed using premium quality fortified resin and glass fibre, ensuring its strength and durability, and it is also fitted with a weight gauge, a 6-way valve, and a manual air vent for increased effectiveness.
This advanced Hydroswim top mount filter is manufactured with the most recent design innovations. Its fibreglass winding outline makes the tank more robust, the Hydroswim channels utilise durable and cost-effective materials, and it is also furnished with a 6-way multiport valve that is easy to maintain. With regards to its body, it is UV resistant courtesy of the polyester resin and glass fibre construction. The channel comprises of a solid two piece body, valve and weight gauge for any new installation.
All of these features combine to make the Hydroswim top mount filters one of the highest quality models available, with different sizes of filter available to suit your exact needs. The Hydroswim filter is a standout amongst most mainstream glass fibre filters and is utilised on many residential and commercial pools and spas.

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