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Hydroswim Side Mount Filters

As each pool owner will know, a top priority for any pool is to maintain the highest quality pool water both in terms of its cleanliness and its aesthetic quality. The presence of debris, dirt and bacteria can harm both the look of the pool and the safety of the water, so it’s vital to find the right water filtration system. Hydroswim side mount filters are one very reliable filtration option to keep your pool water clean, with Hydroswim filters qualified and authenticated by the NSF50 standards. They utilise sand filters to achieve efficient and consistent cleaning of pool water.
The materials used to manufacture Hydroswim’s durable range of filters are polyester resin and glass fibre. The machine contains top end diffusers that allow the pool water to be filtered and dissipate all around the swimming pool. The filter can be mounted to the side of the swimming pool with a few easy installation steps, and is strengthened with fibre glass to protect against damage, increasing its durability. The Hydroswim side mount filter is designed to achieve a highly efficient backwash system after the initial filtering, continually cleaning the water.
A PVC top cover, which is often transparent, is provided along with the filter. A transparent top aids in allowing the buyer to easily check the current state of the inner components. A mount is attached to it with a total of six valves to produce clean water. The 6-way multiport valve consists of many components such as an air vent, a pressure gauge to check filtering pressure rates and a water drain to dispose of all the foreign particles in the pool water.
The Hydroswim side mount filter can operate at a pressure of 2.5Bar with a test pressure of 3.0Bar. The water filtration is highly efficient, running at a speed of 60m3/h/m2. This range of filters comes highly recommended as a sound investment for any pool owner looking to ensure the continued quality of their pool water.

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