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Water Filtration Media

Selecting the appropriate filter media is one of the surest ways of maintaining ideal water quality in your residential or commercial swimming pool. Purifying pool water through water filtration remains the most effective method, and using good quality filter media should provide the desired levels of filtration needed for removing dirt, debris and bacteria from your pool.
We stock a range of different water filtration media, available in bags of 20kg or 25kg. We stock filtration media such as diatomaceous earth (D.E.), pea gravel and glass bead filter media, as well as the ground breaking new filter media OC-1. While sand filters remain a popular and enduring filtration product, the use of other filter media is increasing. We would be happy to speak to you about choosing the ideal filter and filtration media for your pool.
D.E. filters consist of porous powder with very minute openings that look like very much like tiny sponges when magnified. They are one of the most popular forms of filter media, able to deal with very small particles, with particles as small as 2 microns able to be trapped when pool water passes through the media. The D.E. coats the internal elements of the D.E. filters, with the filter cake then straining algae, dust and other dirt from your pool water. Just like sand filters, when these particular filters become dirty, the clogged D.E. is either regenerated and drained to the waste line, or cleaned by backwashing. Fresh D.E. can be added to the filter element to restore the filtration quality.
Glass filter media is a substitute to silica sand. It is made of purely recycled material that is environmentally friendly. It requires 10 percent less media compared with sand. It is more efficient per kg than conventional filter sand, with 25kg of traditional filter sand equivalent to 20kg of glass filter material bags.
OC-1 is innovatively designed to save money by reducing energy, chemical, heating and water consumption. It is designed for easy installation, low maintenance, lasts longer than sand and is designed to produce savings that payback the initial costs within 6-12 months. In summary, there are many different options to purchase high-grade filter media from our selection, with each of them equipped to provide you with excellent quality pool water.