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Certikin Deep Bed Filters

As each pool owner will know, one of the biggest priorities is to ensure the quality and cleanliness of your pool water so that it looks good and can be swam in safety. One of the major tools in maintaining water quality is a good filtration system, and one excellent option is the Certikin deep bed filter. They efficiently remove small debris and dirt from the pool, with their deep bed filter allowing for more filtration per square foot compared to other filter methods.
Additionally, the repair costs and replacement of parts are negligible since the filter system moves less than one tenth of the time your filter is in operation. A deeper sand bed assures you of more contact between the swimming pool water and the filter media, offering a higher depth of filtration, which provides a better level of filtration.
As well as their cost-effective design, Certikin deep bed filters also offer a range of unique features. They allow application versatility and superior quality filtration (up to 1 micron). The filters are durable and function around the clock in challenging environments. Deep bed filters also come with various flow rates. We stock a range of different sizes and would be happy to speak to you about choosing exactly the right model for your pool.
Certikin deep bed filters with high water capacity allow hydrostatic pressure to build up. Modern deep bed filters allow water levels to rise to 200 mm. The innovative 3D high-quality filter fleece guarantees you an optimum flow even when the filter surface is small, making effective and efficient filtration continuously achievable.
Certikin deep bed filters are specially designed for the filtration of fine particles. Such particles are typically the reason not only for poor water quality, but also for damage to components, including the wear of pipes, pump failures and many other faults. The 3D premium filter fleece enables these deep bed filters to release their full performance potential. In summary, Certikin deep bed filters are ideal for both commercial and residential pools.

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