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Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

The use of filters for swimming pool maintenance is fundamentally important for filtering out any impurities that are found in the water used in residential or commercial pool systems. The impurities found within pool water, whether dirt, small debris or bacteria, can all gather on the surface of the cartridges of the filter over a period of use. This further increases the importance of the cartridge filter for use in swimming pools.
Swimming pool filters capture all dirt particles, allowing the swimming pool to be used on a continuous basis, as filtration also operates on a continual basis with cartridge filters. Finding the right cartridge filters provides your pool with crystal clear water. We stock a range of cartridge filters in different sizes, each ideally suited to different sizes and types of pools.
If you would like to know more about finding exactly the right filter for your pool, we’d be happy to speak to you about more in-depth details. Installing the right cartridge filters adds efficiency to your swimming pool’s water system, as the pumps can better circulate the water due to the constant filtration processes being carried out by the cartridge filters. As the water is filtered continuously, the purity of pool water maintains its quality both with its look and its safety.
The cartridge filters themselves can be maintained by washing the cartridges often to avoid them getting blocked up with impurities. Having clean filters ensures the regular and nonstop filtration of pool water. The cartridge filters are even capable of gathering and depositing microscopic impurities on the pleats of its cartridges. The reason for this is that the polyester filament used to prepare the cartridge has very tiny pores that allow only water molecules to escape. This feature is just another reason why cartridge filters are an excellent option for providing your indoor or outdoor pool with quality pool water on a continual basis.