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Pool Thermometers

The temperature of swimming pools, particularly outdoor pools or those without an advanced water heating system, can have a tendency to fluctuate depending on atmospheric conditions. It is vital for both general enjoyment and health factors to keep track of it. An extreme of temperature in one direction or another can affect a swimmer’s wellbeing.
Spending prolonged time or having regular sessions in swimming water that is too cold can have an adverse effect on your body, with an increased risk of issues such as pneumonia or kidney stones. Equally, while relaxing in a warm water jacuzzi or spa is highly enjoyable and has benefits, swimming in water that is too warm can lead to problems such overheating, exhaustion and a loss of electrolytes which can lead to muscle fatigue.
In this era of more development both in terms of understanding health factors and our access to quality pool equipment, there are a range of different thermometer options to ensure you maintain an ideal temperature range for your pool water. These range from fun, child-friendly thermometers that are mobile and can allow you to check the pool temperature from time to time, through to more detailed thermometers that are fixed to the pool wall and provide constant monitoring. We also stock sauna thermometers, which again are important to ensure the wellbeing of any user, with a sauna that is too cold being ineffective and a sauna that is too hot being dangerous.
The different pool thermometer models we stock utilise different materials, with brass, graphite and plastic used across different items. Some are designed to add a high-end aesthetic when fixed to your pool, while others are designed to be fun for kids and feature animals such as crocodiles or dolphins for decoration. Take a look through our range; we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you.