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Polaris Pool Cleaners

Polaris is an industry leader who has been in operation for around 35 years. Polaris is a highly respected brand when it comes to automatic pool cleaners and we are delighted to be able to stock their products. Polaris cleaners come in several different styles and types of design that can be utilised across indoor and outdoor pools.
Polaris cleaners are popular among owners of both smaller residential and larger commercial pool, with their efficient pressure cleaning method providing excellent maintenance of any pool. Users of these products can save a lot more money and time while maintaining a cleaner pool, with Polaris pool cleaners providing consistent performance in terms of quality and durability.
Popular models of Polaris pool cleaners include the Polaris 280, Polaris 380 and Polaris 3900. The Polaris 380, for example, is one of the strongest and most powerful cleaning tools available. It can be easily attached to a dedicated pressure line, utilising a separate booster pump and triple jets. It is able to brush, sweep and vacuum all areas of the pool including the walls, floor and steps, providing a clean pool any time you need it.
Polaris pool cleaners are great products when it comes to quality, durability and cost-effectiveness, generally utilising water pressure for their cleaning action. They often come with a pressure-created vacuum, which aids in lengthening filter cycles to maintain a pristine pool. The booster pump is typically employed by Polaris pool cleaners for the best cleaning action at the quickest rate. Polaris pool cleaners are ideal for all sorts of in-ground swimming pools. There are numerous different Polaris pool cleaners available to meet your specific needs.
If you happen to have a swimming pool without plumbing for a booster pump, there’s no need to worry. There are still Polaris cleaners that cater to pools like yours. When choosing your Polaris pool cleaner, you have the advantage of a host of different quality models. It’s always good to ask about specific features and suitability, something we would be happy to discuss with you, but we can fully recommend each Polaris pool cleaner as an excellent option.

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