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Leaf Nets & Rakes

When looking to relax by or in any outdoor swimming pool, one of the most common annoyances, in terms of how enjoyable the pool is to look at and enjoying swimming in, is the presence of leaves. It may seem a minor issue compared to the more technical elements of maintaining a pool, but pools look so much better when free of any of the debris or leaves that may have fallen into it. There are a variety of ways to take care of this and maintain your pool.
The first option would be to use a leaf net, which are typically very lightweight and easy to work with, although in isolation they will likely require you to be fishing leaves out of the pool on a regular basis depending on your setting. The other option is the combination of a pool cover and pool rake, with the cover protecting the pool against any debris getting into the water when it’s not being used, and the rake allowing you to quickly gather up all of the accumulated leaves when you next come to use the pool.
Even when the cover is off, you may find that the leaf rake is a more effective tool for you, with the rake’s design allowing you to drag it towards you or to push it away from you across the water. Either way, with the screen that it employs, it allows the water to escape while gathering all the leaves to be removed from the pool. After you master the technique of the leaf rake, you’ll be able to clean your pool of any leaves or debris in no time.
Having a clean and sparkling pool is essential in order to gain the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your swimming pool. With just a couple of these different cleaning options, you should be able to keep your pool clean and well maintained, allowing you and your other pool users to enjoy it whenever you want to.