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Dolphin Commercial Pool Cleaners

There are various cleaning machines and techniques available, each with varying degrees of effectiveness across different types of swimming pool. When it comes to heavy duty cleaners to provide a complete clean of your pool, especially commercial pools undergoing regular and intense use, the range of Dolphin commercial pool cleaners are one of the best options on the market. These self-directed, low-voltage automatic robotic cleaners are ideally equipped to clean the floor, steps and walls of commercial pools. Dolphin is one of the most popular robotic pool cleaner brands and providers in the world of swimming pool maintenance.
In order to power the device, a special transformer is connected to a standard wall outlet. A 30 to 100 foot-long power cord is used to connect the pool cleaner to the transformer. These cleaners are safe to operate in and around the water, meaning you don’t have to worry even if the transformer runs on 110 or 220 volts AC. This device is also able to run on a lower voltage of 24 volts DC making it highly energy-efficient.
Usually robotic pool cleaners operate with the help of two electric motors: a water pump, which generally sucks dirt into the device’s filter, and the drive motor that moves the unit round the pool. Sometimes a jet drive is also used by an electric motor, but these days most robotic pool cleaners are computer-controlled, able to automatically “learn” the dimensions of the pool to build the most effective cleaning routines.
With their efficient operating methods, these dolphin commercial pool cleaners can save money and energy while providing robust cleaning services. Since they are not connected to the pool’s water pump, they generate no additional back pressure on the pool’s system, so there is no need to add a booster pump or install new plumbing. They also include a highly efficient pool filter which is easy to clean, in many cases coming with extremely efficient filters (mesh down to 2 microns is quite common) which means that they can catch even the finest dirt and particles.

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