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Concrete Pool Vacuum Heads

Keeping your swimming pool clean and well maintained is a key task for any residential or commercial pool owner, and one of the most effective tools on the market for this task is concrete pool vacuum heads. Incorporated with flat heads and corrugated tubes, these vacuum heads provide great value for money as a cleaning accessory. They are also very easy to use, allowing even those with limited technical knowledge to achieve a highly effective performance.


These concrete pool vacuum heads feature corrugated tubes and handles made of highly sturdy materials. This allows them to be robust in maintaining their quality, making them a high performing cleaning accessory for many years. The vacuum head’s sturdiness gives it a long shelf-life, able to cope with continual use without deviating from its level of performance. They also feature a modern design, with their vacuum head light and are very convenient to move around, thus giving a wide cleaning coverage, ensuring that every area of your pool is maintained to the required standard of cleanliness.


Vacuum heads for concrete and tiled pools have wheels and brushes allowing them to be moved easily across the pool floor. The replaceable brushes, which easily displace the dirt and gravel, make for a durable and easy cleaning process. They feature a perfectly weighted head that is designed to reduce its buoyancy and make for an ease of use that allows any pool owner to be able to operate it effectively.


All of the features mentioned above showcase the qualities of the concrete pool vacuum heads, especially if you are looking to use it on a regular basis. The durability and flexibility they offer make them one of the most effective cleaning tools on the market and an excellent purchase for any home or commercial pool owner.

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