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Swim Rings | Leaf Nets & Traps

Amongst the busyness of everyday life, it can be easy for your pool to lose a little of its immaculate quality in terms of cleanliness and aesthetic beauty. There are many different tools in the fight to keep your pool in top condition, including filters and dissolvable solutions to maintain water quality, and pool covers to protect your pool from harsher weather conditions.


One of the most practical and simple solutions is to buy one or several cleaning and maintenance accessories, with leaf nets and traps the most common accessories for pool cleaning. In terms of maintenance, we also stock swim rings to give you a simple but vital safety feature for any home or commercial pool.


These sorts of features can often be overlooked in favour of some of the flashier design elements or fun pool toys, but when it comes to additional elements to add to your pool, those that deal with cleaning, maintenance and safety should always be the most fundamental.


We’re confident in the quality and reliability of each of the cleaning and maintenance accessories that we stock, with each of them coming highly recommended by respected brands, alongside our own customer service guarantees.


Have a look through our range and add the perfect accessories to your residential or commercial pool, and ensure you have the ideal tools to properly clean and maintain it to ensure peak performance all year round.

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