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Cleaning & Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of your pool is a process which ensures the enjoyment and safety of everyone who is using it. It can involve many different tasks and processes, which can start to mount up in terms of both time and cost, so we have made sure to stock only the most cost-effective, durable and energy-efficient items to help you minimise the strain of keeping your pool at peak performance levels.


There are many different tools available to help you to keep your residential or commercial pool in top condition in terms of both its cleanliness and aesthetic beauty. Whether it’s a filter and pump for water filtration, a dissolvable cleaning solution to maintain water quality, a pool cover to protect from harsher weather conditions or a thermometer to monitor safe water temperatures, we have the best selections available.


A great place to start is to buy one or two cleaning and maintenance accessories, with leaf nets or traps a common accessory for pool cleaning, as well a host of more high-end automatic pool cleaners available, obviously at a higher level of cost.
In terms of safety maintenance, we also stock swim rings to give you a simple but vital feature for any home or commercial pool. These sorts of features are sometimes overlooked in favour of some of the eye-catching design features or toys for the pool, but when it comes to additional items to ensure the functioning of your pool, the items related to cleaning, maintenance and safety should always come first.


We’ve made sure to only stock the best cleaning and maintenance items both in terms of quality and value for money, with each product highly recommended, manufactured by respected brands, and covered by our customer service guarantees. Have a look through our range of cleaning and maintenance products and make sure you have everything you need to properly clean and maintain your pool all year round.

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