Modena 520 with retractable cover SKU: R1/SS520C

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The Riviera Modena swimspa has everything you could need for relaxing or swimming to keep fit, or just simply having fun! The unit is fitted with a strong counter current unit that has adjustable jets and air controls, which can make the water stream softer or harder, to suit any swimmer. The massage jets are activated by turning the nozzles on. There is a waterfall for the shoulders and neck area, pressure massage jets for the back and calves and an air bubbler to massage the feet and legs.

It comes with a sand filter, a water heater and the swimspa has a Thermosafe cover which is opened and closed at the touch of a button. The cover keeps the water clean and helps to maintain the water temperature and comes in either a white or solar finish.

All the equipment is factory fitted and housed in an easily accessible pit for servicing purposes. The Swimspa equipment is operated with the Duplex digital control panel. Everything can be easily programmed and operated from this panel. The Swimspa is made from an epoxy-acrylate material which is specially designed for the swimming pool sector. It is low maintenance and UV and chlorine resistant, frost proof and comes with polyurethane foam and steel bracings around the edges and stairs.

Accessories Available:
• Stainless steel grip bar
• Stainless steel handrail
• Optional sand filter
• Optional heat exchanger

Riviera Swimspa has a retractable cover as an integral feature

Modena 520 with retractable cover