1½” MULTIPORT (suitable for Max2000 side mount filter) SKU: MPV15MAX

£107.58 inc VAT


A range of laminated polyester filters with 1.0 metre media bed depth. Available with a lateral under drain system or a nozzle plate option.

Standard features

• Bolt down lid
• 200mm diameter sand service hatch (400mm available on 1050 and 1200 models)
• Manual air and water purge
• Top mounted pressure gauge
• Internal pipework is supported to provide stability during operation
• Reinforced base for extra strength under loading
• Multiport valve included (1050 and 1200 models is valve only).

• Sight glass
• 400mm diameter service hatch on 1050 and 1200 models
• For ozone treatment, filters with an internal vinylester coating are required, price on application.

Technical Data
• 1.0m bed depth
• 2.5bar max operating pressure
• 3.75bar max test pressure
• 50 degrees C maximum working temperature

1½” MULTIPORT (suitable for Max2000 side mount filter)